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Tombaugh Station Mission

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Trivial Psychic:
Alright, I've finally finished it to a satisfactory state.  Its not perfect, but all my events work as they should.  Things I would like to change include adding more chatter to fill out the slow initial pace of the mission, or adding more possibilities for the player to alter the outcome of the mission.  Unfortunately, every time I try to add more chatter, it seems to unbalance things later in the mission, so I'd rather not risk it at this point.  Also giving the player too much control over the mission outcome, would not match up with cannon events.  Speaking of cannon events, I also had to change the name of an Isis transport wing (I used transport types and wing names that match up to those you escort in the main campaign after the Tombaugh Attack), since I can't have 2 Omega wings.  Finally, I also look at my choice of ship names as rather limited, as are my skills in this manner.  All of that said...

...something like that is worth it.  That shot was taken with HTL 1_20 with glow and spec turned off, and no shinemaps.  I've found that for testing, if I had all of these turned on, it slowed my system to a snail's pace (in the single digit fps).  If I'd've remembered, I would've reactivated all of these before making a screenshot, but this'll do.

The zip itself includes the mission, the fixed ships table file for the latest version of the port, and glowmaps for the Port Leviathan.  I kinda improvised those by either renaming those from the Fenris, altering the hue on those from the Fenris which have a red light or tan, over to a blue-pirple.  Therefore, I can't claim that "I" made these, but as I said above, I "improvised" them.  And now, on to the zip.

Tombaugh Station Attack

Incidentally, if one of the moderators could edit this to use the feature that says how many times the file has been downloaded, I'd appreciate it.  I've seen it, but I'm not sure how to activate it.



Version 2.3 has been uploaded, so you can take out ships.tbl if you want.

I'm not sure how you can add a download counter, but maybe there's something similar through the HLP 2.0 interface.

Rise from your grave, thread.  :nervous:

Would there be any chance of updating this mission and making it available on Knossos? I got it running under the current release of FSPort, and things went mostly okay (although the Lucifer's beams wouldn't fire). It would need some compatibility fixes and extra polish (there are a lot of misspellings and missing words in the mission text), but I think it would make a nice complement to Goober's Ross 128 mission. The Tombaugh Attack is one of the more important parts of FS lore (it marks the first appearance of the Lucifer and has an impressive description in the FS Reference Bible), but there's no canon depiction of the event itself, and I'm always in favor of more story.

Food for thought.  :)

16 years :eek:

Trivial Psychic:
WOW!  I'm surprised anybody still remembers this.  Even I nearly forgot about it.  In fact, I couldn't find a copy on my hard drive.  Fortunately, my original link still works.  If there is demand for it, I may include an updated version of it as a bonus mission when I release Chapter 2 of Freespace: The Great War - Augmented.  You can also read some of my updates in THIS thread.


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