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RELEASE: Official Awakenings for Port 3.0

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Have those been updated?  The awakenings download on the FSPort website says compatible with 3.0 version of the Port.

That's just because we never updated the "compatible with 3.0" notice.  It should still be compatible with all versions of the Port from 3.0 through current.

In any case, I've updated the links in the first post to point to FSMods rather than WCSaga.

So, um, we've destroyed the Liliths named War, Despair and Death, and the 50 Basilisks of Agni and the 50 Dragons of Parvati, like you told us to, and now me, Alpha 4, Beta 2, Gamma 3 and Delta 1 want to know what to do next. You didn't think we could do it, did you? Shame on you! :P

Yeah, we played it on Very Easy, but I still think it's an accomplishment! :lol:

Delta 1 and Gamma 3 are particularly annoyed, having dragged themselves through the mission with 1% and 2% health respectively in a nearly 40min battle. :hopping:

I finished this campaign today and enjoyed it a lot! :yes:

After I don't know how many years, I played through Awakenings again. It's amazing how I pretty much forgot every single thing about this campaign, except for the names of a few iconic ships. The ending was quite a surprise, too - I somehow erased it from my memory and it felt as if it was the first time ever.

Lovely campaign, a must play for those who download the FreeSpace Port.  :yes:


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