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RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II

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--- Quote from: CKid on November 15, 2012, 06:41:36 pm ---Fantastic! Will there be a update for act 1 as well?

--- End quote ---

Yes there will be, although it's mostly a bugfix release this time; the major improvements already came with the 3.6.12 update.

One question to ASW team. Did the Akrotiri get a new main gun? (I don't like this flying beamglow much   :drevil:)

Did you prefer the giant space shuriken? :P

I liked the shuriken. :(

I'm pretty sure there was a VP available that restored the shuriken (I myself have it).

Anyway, glad to hear that it's going to be released properly soon. I did play the test release and thought it was really good - this will be an excellent excuse to play both acts again. :)


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