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FreeSpace Port 3.5 + FSPort Media VPs Release!

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Freespace Port 3.5 + FSPort Media VPs Release
In honor of Groundhog Day, we are proud to bring you yet another release of the FreeSpace Port: version 3.5.  This latest and greatest version offers full support for the MediaVPs 2014 while retaining the reverse compatibility that this mod is famous (and infamous) for.

We are also proud to offer the latest DIRECTOR'S CUT update of Silent Threat: Reborn!  Check out the thread for more details!

Here's all the spiffy new stuff available in this version of the Port:

* Campaigns now use mjn.mixael's enhanced main halls when the optional main hall pack is present
* The medal screen now features mjn.mixael's rerendered FS1 medals, instead of copies of the FS2 medal images
* Added updated versions of Dan Wentz's remixed FS1 music tracks
* Compatibility updates for MediaVPs 2014
* Translation support for German, French, Polish, and Spanish, using the original FS1 language packs
* Re-added the "big blast" Faustus and the GTS Centaur#Charon, with associated mission updates including support in sm2-07a
* The background in sm3-10a is now based on actual astronomical data from 2335-03-30 22:01:16 UTC
* Miscellaneous bugfixes
As always FSPort remains retail compatible but optimized for Freespace Open.  If you use FSO, we recommend a recent build such as 3.7.2 RC5.  (Please note that some features, such as the enhanced main halls, will not appear when playing earlier versions.)

It is strongly recommended to use the FreeSpace Open Installer to download and install the Port, due to the number of possible mod configurations.  But if you would like to manually download the files, you can find them listed below.

(Note, the translation packs are not provided through the installer, because of the possibility of conflicts if the user selects "Complete Installation".  Those will need to be downloaded manually for the time being.)

Core Downloads
Place all the contents of these zipped files into 'freespace2/fsport'

Root - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 7597bf067b9918fcc76e99dea6e513a80c4a4f44
Missions - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 2fa36179379de3667afc48b16e51d0088e9908b7
Sparky - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: e01f88500250d1cea93499ba0aeeab041fa48d27

NOTE: The VPs containing original FS1 media have been removed.  Work is in progress to provide a way to copy those resources from an existing FS1 installation.  For community-created enhancements, such as MjnMixael's remastered FS1 cutscenes or Dan Wentz's remastered music, see below.

Optional Downloads
The FSPort Media VP makes everything pretty, and the music VP contains the remixed version of the FS1 soundtrack that Dan Wentz provided specially for HLP. Both are optional, but highly recommended!
Place all the contents of these zipped files into 'freespace2/fsport-mediavps' (or 'freespace2/fsport-mediavps_2014' if using the 2014 add-on)

FSPort-MediaVPs 3.6.12 - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 29cc5d93cf18061711d45eaadd45696ad37853e6
Launcher info for FSPort MVPs 3.6.12 - Mod.ini Launcher Image Small Launcher Image

FSPort-MediaVPs 2014 Patch Add-On - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: a2bb5c6146e0919d4f8775fb385422ed5b8546af
Launcher info for FSPort MVPs 2014 - Mod.ini Launcher Image Small Launcher Image

FSPort-MediaVPs Music (Dan Wentz's Remixed FS1 Music) - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 6f242f117c5ebb6aa3dfa93268569ca6b1d14138
MjnMixael's Cutscenes - HLP (separate thread)

These are the hi-res Command Brief Anims rendered by Mjn.Mixael. They are big, but they are awesome. Highly recommended!
Place all the contents of these zipped files into 'freespace2/fsport'

Tango_hi1_fs1 - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: af09cc710841d717dcdfd7ecc517d8247022682c
Tango_hi2_fs1 - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: c1cc35a3ae1c64266c35605fc036322148167c8d
Tango_hi3_fs1 - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 348394c9a0461dcf4df10fea993a2cf9429a2239
Tango_hi4_fs1 - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: d68db62670eb3cb5082bb6ee078942768436483b
Tango_hi5_fs1 - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 8eb6d7ecc9eb94667b87a5121b42b55557fd723b

These are the main hall packs rendered by Mjn.Mixael.  Like the CBAnims, they are big but awesome. Recommended, but be advised they are a work in progress!
Place all the contents of these zipped files into 'freespace2/fsport-mediavps' (or 'freespace2/fsport-mediavps_2014' if using the 2014 add-on)

Bastion A - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: cda902ae87b2d09a4372aebac49d62e6291bc452
Bastion B - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: d77a073ffc7e6ad3de91b1db65cadfc7f476c656
Galatea A - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 6bf82a9dbe9cfea85b7190fa9b2decc27267d473
Galatea B - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 2f709456354fd7e406ce85f161da6af6808eb299
Krios - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: c40768bf5ad8502246521e6b42cc78c02675c747
Soyakaze - FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 3edf61e714026dcf6873d62c3028668ed8d29846

These are the translation packs, for our multilingual fans.
Place all the contents of these zipped files into 'freespace2/fsport'

Text - FeralHosting
Cutscenes - FeralHosting
Voice - FeralHosting

Text - FeralHosting
Cutscenes - FeralHosting
Voice - FeralHosting

Text - FeralHosting
Cutscenes - FeralHosting
Voice - FeralHosting

Text - FeralHosting

Big, big thanks to everyone who contributed to this, including Galemp, Goober5000, Yarn, Mjn.Mixael, Cobra, Tarvis, Thaeris, VasudanAdmiral, IceyJones, Admiral Nelson, Hellstryker, Flaming Sword, Aardwolf, Dark, DTP, the SCP Team, the whole FreeSpace Community and especially Volition, for starting it all.

I literally must have just caught this as you posted it. Looking forward to seeing how it all looks now you've updated it! :D

Sweet.  Finally the update I've been waiting for.  (Still no new Apollo though :( )
And ST:R too.  Plus cutscenes for that?  Yes, please.

Edit: well crap I crashed when the repulse arrived.  not sure if it's you guys or if it's the radar icons I've been working on.  Does the regular executable generate a log or just the debug build?
(FSO exited with a status of 255)
Transient error


I tested the translation pack (french) for fsport 3.5 and only voice and cutscenes work. No text is translated in the game (briefing, debriefing or playing). If someone have an solution, i will apreciate it ;)

Thank you

I believe it is necessary to set your language in the FreeSpace 2 registry.  I'm not sure how to do this, but it has been discussed on HLP so you might be able to search for it.

Yarn handled the translation packs, so he should be able to provide a better answer when he sees your question.


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