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FreeSpace Port 3.5 + FSPort Media VPs Release!

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I put my language in the registry and it's OK. thank you!

Great to hear it!

And I'm glad to hear that someone tried out a language pack so quickly.  It is a positive sign for our popularity among foreign language gamers. :)

Just to be sure, if I want the remastered music:

I SHOULDN"T download the "warble" pack, but rather just download the thing under 'optional downloads' and place that in 'fsport-mediavps'?

Small thing, but you should have included 182x80 mod.ini images for wxLauncher users. wxL is pretty bad at image scaling.. so including a 182x80 image makes it look just that much more presentable.

Congratulations on the release!  :pimp:

Yet again, you people are still my heroes! Keeping this old game alive and all...

One thing caught my eye though:

--- Code: ---Place all the contents of these zipped files into 'freespace2/fsport-mediavps' (or 'freespace2/fsport-mediavps_2014' if using the 2014 add-on)
--- End code ---

Isn't this a bit counter-productive? Why change the folder name if the only thing that has changed in fsport-mediavps is one single table file? I have already used the unofficial 2014 patch table file with the older 3.4 FSport + fsport -mediavps combination succesfully with numerous FSPort campaign mods. I changed the mod.ini file in all of my FSport campaign mods to the following:

secondarylist = fsport-mediavps,fsport,MediaVPs_2014;

So far I have encountered 100% backwards compatibility with mods like:

- Aftermath 2.1
- Awakenings
- Bem Cavalgar
- Cardinal Spear
- Destiny of Peace
- Frontlines 2334
- Shrouding the light
- Silen Threat: Reborn 1.3
- Tango
- The Crucible

So why the proposed folder name change for fsport-mediaVPs? Wouldn't that break all my mod.ini loading orders? Or is this folder name change foreshadowing a future fsport-mediaVPs release that will differ from the old version as much as MediaVPs_2014 differed from MediaVPs_3612 and thus breaking the backwards compatibility by some degree?

Don't get me wrong. This proposed folder name change for fsport-mediaVPs is not going to wreck my installation since I can re-tweak mod.ini files again, but I'm just asking this because I'm curious  :)


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