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My little amdgpu bughunt

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Didn't know that chip, seems to be an odd Vega/Polaris mix or just rebrand. On a discrete Vega64, and afaik "true" integrated vega (2400g), I no longer have the issue. But since yours is a Polaris by code-path, well.

Anyway, here's what I did. Expect to trade performance for stability.
Build amdgpu-pro-libgl from AUR and do not install it, it will mess up other applications, including, the last time I tried, Mutter. Instead I unzipped it to /opt/fs2_open, and launched FSO with the following environment set:


I did this by prepending env... to the knossos.desktop's Exec= clause, FSO processes inherit its environment; adapt to your launcher of choice. High shadow qualities in particular will lead to noticeably bad framerates.

Here's the issue i opened with mesa:
Maybe an additional bug report will draw some new attention to it. Best of luck!

It's a weird chip for sure. It's an AMD GPU integrated into an Intel CPU.

vendor_id   : GenuineIntel
cpu family   : 6
model      : 158
model name   : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8705G CPU @ 3.10GHz

A bit of an archaeological curiosity at this point now that Intel have their own high-performance GPUs and don't have to buy them from a competitor anymore.

Thanks to the insistence of noobspace, who picked up my old issue referenced above, this has been fixed in the 21.4 mesa release of yesterday.

All shadow qualities should work on Polaris GPUs on any Linux distro using Mesa >= 21.3.4.

Teamwork makes the dream work  :D


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