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Voices in Knossos Install

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I played around with this--it sounded like the files should be included with the Knossos install but were not. I uninstalled FSPort and FSPort MediaVPS, then reinstalled through Knossos, and checked all boxes I saw (i.e. to include everything). This for some reason did not include the voice packs, which were still missing. However, I found I could go to Details-->Options-->Modify through Knossos, and was given an option there to download a number of extras, including the voice packs and HD command briefings. Modifying my installation in this way resolved the issue.

I'm not sure why they weren't included in the options for the base install. It's possible (but unlikely) that I missed them, seeing as I was specifically looking for the voice option.

Thanks again!

That's interesting.  It's possible that you found a Knossos bug.  There were reports that the GOTY Mission Pack wasn't downloading correctly for some people; this might be the same issue.

Mito [PL]:
Just FYI, the package called "stu" is the voice pack.


--- Quote from: Antares on November 23, 2019, 12:36:09 pm ---This thread is full of lies.

Voices are included in the version of FSPort installed through Knossos. Make sure you have stu_fs1.vp installed.

--- End quote ---

That's what I get for always having it available from FS1. :lol:


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