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Music absent in Silent Threat missions

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Hello, I'm currently using the FreeSpace port with MediaVPs 3.7.2, and while the main FS1 campaign had no issues whatsoever, the Silent Threat campaign (original, not Reborn) had music for only the first mission. Everything runs fine otherwise, and I can't find any problems with the installation or Knossos launcher, though admittedly I don't completely know what I'd be looking for. I know these missions used to have music and playing them in silence isn't fun. All other sound effects and voices are present, so OpenAL is working fine. Music plays during briefings, just not in-mission.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

I ran a few minutes of the mission I'm on using the fastdebug exe and here is the log:

Of particular note to me is this section, lines 529-538:

MISSION LOAD: 'Md-04.fs2'
Hmmm... Extension passed to mission_load...
Reassigning player to squadron Galactic Terran Intelligence
Someone passed an extension to bm_load for file 'GTI.pcx'
Someone passed an extension to bm_load for file 'gta.pcx'
Someone passed an extension to bm_load for file 'pvn.pcx'
Starting mission message count : 208
Ending mission message count : 214
Current soundtrack set to -1 in event_music_reset_choices
Current soundtrack set to -1 in event_music_set_soundtrack

Don't know much about the inner workings of FSOpen or the FSPort, but wouldn't a -1 in either of these turn off the soundtrack? Idle speculation  :confused:

Try hitting F2 in-mission and then exiting the options menu to see if the music starts. Pretty sure you're experiencing a FSO bug.

I tried that just now and it didn't work. I went back into the mission simulator, and the third mission of the campaign has music now, but not the second mission, and the neither does the current mission.

Am I misremembering? Last time I played the original Silent Threat was around ten years ago; maybe some of the missions just don't have music?

I think a few of the retail Silent Threat missions don't actually have a soundtrack defined.  Goes to show how QUALITY it was. :p


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