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Some issues


Ok guys. Is multiplayer in Diaspora still alive, and if its yes then what i must do to start playing it ? And if not, help me pls fix problem with AI units in solo mult mod. They dying during the start of fight and i have no idea how to fix it. Its gotta do something with "One or more players have hacked game datafiles" message, when ive tried to start session. Pls tell what im missing here.

There's no reason you can't play Diaspora multiplayer, it's just that not a lot of people are at the moment. You'd have to find some people who also want to play and one of them would need to chose to host (the options for that are built into the game).

As for playing dogfight mode on your own, that's pretty simple, you can't. The AI fighters will all be blown up at the start leaving only the real players.


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