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Hud gauges in the FSPort MediaVPs

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Is there a copy of the 4.3.1 FSPort MVP table I could look at for comparison?

It is, essentially, this:

--- Code: ---$Max Directives: 8
$Max Escort Ships: 13
$Scale Gauges: no
$Reticle Style: FS1
--- End code ---

Well, simply overwriting those values in the existing 4.3.2 table doesn't switch back to 4.3.1 behavior, so there's some other chicanery at work.

Since the 4.3.1 table didn't specify any coordinates, it used the hard-coded retail default coordinates.  The new table provides new coordinates, which are partly based on the retail coordinates, but they have different origins and offsets.  They will (supposedly) look identical at 1024x768 resolution (with one exception), but scale differently.

The one exception is that the new FSPort MediaVPs uses the 2_[filename] files which are larger than the [filename] files.  To use the smaller files you will need to remove the 2_ prefix from every filename in the TBM.

See the wiki page for the table details:

As one example, to move the afterburner and weapons energy gauges closer to the center, you will need to decrease the offset from the (0.5, 0.5) center position.

Found a workaround. Saving a blank copy of mv_root-hdg.tbm to data/tables overrides the MVPs and effectively defaults to retail, which scales properly. Things look nice again!


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