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Hud gauges in the FSPort MediaVPs

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The only thing out of place in the last shots are the overblown radar orbs. Everything else looks proportional to me (then again, I turn off the talking head animations - as long as I can either read the message or hear it, I don't need to see a talking head say it).

EDIT: Also, the afterburner and weapons gauges seem a bit too far out from the center control system - they could be pulled in a bit like the original pic.

The effect is more pronounced in busier missions that have several mission objectives, multiple fighter wings, or large escort lists, where a lot of information is being given at once; the various displays will overlap with each other because they all take up too much real estate on the screen. I bet if I dug around in ST:R, I could find some examples of text running together.

Well, I didn't write the table myself; I just adapted it from the existing table which is based on Axem's Lost HUD, Rebuilt.  I then compared it to what's in the current FS2 MVPs, and the only differences are the settings for using the FS1 style instead of FS2 style.

I do agree that the radar gauge looks oversized, and that the afterburner and weapons energy bars are rather far away from the reticle.  Attached is the current FSPort MVP hud gauge tbm; if anyone can fix those issues I will include the fixes in the next update.

If I want to do some tweaking with the table, what directory can I drop it into to overwrite the MVPs default settings?

Find the fsport-mediavps directory (the location where mv_fsport_43x.vp is) and then create data/tables under that.  Then drop the file in the tables directory.


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