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Fury AI: How do I for FS1 and FS2 in KNOSSOS?

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I think the other way around would be better.

Proceeding only with cheating   :lol:.

Well, it was standard in FS1 that you were unable to continue with cheats on difficult levels that were higher than Very Easy. Actually i never got it, why that behaviour was changed in FS2. There you are even allowed to cheat on Insane  :confused:.

So an event that make everything invalid with "is-cheating" would make sense for skill levels that are at least set to Easy actually. If some one want to cheat, Very Easy is traditionally the skill level for it... what actually make sense as the player is punished with a very low score anyway and does not gain much for it like a promotion (and as Medals can be given by skill level too, you can even ensure that someone on Very Easy gets nothing). It was always a difficulty to have some fun without consequences, but also with nearly no gain apart from the story experience, which is however enough for some people already.

So i am actually open to some kind of cheat-protection. But simple not for every difficulty. Medium, Hard and Insane would be enough i think. However, if you want to restrict the default difficulty Easy as well, feel free to do that.
But i would never put such thing in effect for the lowest difficulty as there are may some reasons why someone is playing on it and may even need cheats (Accessibility for disabled persons comes in mind i.e.)
And because of the latter, i would even never make fun of cheaters, especially in a single player game. A simple recommendation that is saying, that cheating is only allowed on Easy/Very Easy is enough.


--- Quote from: Asteroth on March 30, 2021, 08:13:57 pm ---Notably for bug hunting, if there's a bug that only shows up in the campaign (and so you cant play it through the techroom) you may need to cheat through the missions quickly to get to where you need to.
--- End quote ---

Oh damn. You're right. I never thought of that.

Okay, I've switched it to just a plain ol' event called PUMPKINEATER that just calls it out via wingmen or Command.
It's simply a random comic message:

* Better hope you know what you're doing with those cheats, my dude.
* Watch out with those cheat codes - you could break something with that!
* While you're cheating, do you think you can give me enhancements in the "love department"?
* You know, the last pilot who cheated had to explain to command why he ended up with Shivan Super Lasers on his fighter...
* While we don't condone cheating, Terran Command has allowed it to slide since you're all-powerful now.

Seems relatively tasteful


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