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I downloaded this build:;u=6680;code=873d24b052

and there's no breifing, music, or in-game voices. Wth?
i've already downloaded the serparate files here:
and still nothing. help


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I think i'm playing FS2.


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Build? When I clicked the link, it came up with "Your account has allready been activated."

Anyways, have you got "retail" FS2 at the moment?
Also, this may be silly, but have you checked the options for music?

The retail vp for music is warble.vp and I forgot the one for voices - I'm not the best at helping, so you might need to wait for someone who knows more...(No harm trying)
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Don't download anything from the SCP website. Those files are rather old now.

Run Turey's Installer instead. If that's what you have already run, delete warble_fs2.vp and stu_fs2.vp then run it again.
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