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--- Quote from: Dragon on August 22, 2010, 02:14:58 pm ---Finally released, now it's time to start working on:
a). WoD2.
b). VAing and updating graphics for WoD.
Also, for those who don't like FS missiles being everywhere:
Custom made optional missile replacement pack.
Credits for FoTG team, creator of Rain on Ribos, BTRL and Inferno team.

--- End quote ---

Is that missile pack purely cosmetic or does it influence gameplay?

Purely cosmetic, I made sure to keep all missiles as close as possible to their original radius.

I think whatever you think of this mod, whether its awesome, good, but not great, or just plain trash, the fact that Spoon managed to get this thing started and done in just over a year is an achievement of its own right. Bravo Spoon. I can't wait to see what you make next. :)

/Completely Biased Beta Tester Comments


--- Quote from: Dragon on August 22, 2010, 02:25:06 pm ---Purely cosmetic, I made sure to keep all missiles as close as possible to their original radius.

--- End quote ---

Awesome. "Gets".

General Battuta:
I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that this creature here represents one of the biggest strides in FreeSpace modding we've ever seen. It's an incredible piece of work - basically a rebuild of FreeSpace gameplay from the ground up - and because it sheds the need to stay true to FreeSpace fluff and gameplay, it can do some very, very impressive things: shielded warships all over the place, faster and gutsier fighter combat, way more species.

I particularly want to single out the armor system and the incredible diversity of the enemy types for commendation. In FreeSpace the relative tactical range is very limited because most of your opponents are fairly similar. In Wings of Dawn you get a fistful of different enemy types all with their own unique tactics and countertactics. It's remarkable.

There's nothing I know of, either released or in the works, that can match Wings of Dawn for sheer chutzpah and unfettered ambition. Spoon had the colossal testicular fortitude to tackle the creation of a brand new universe, and he pulled it off - with enviable flair and attention to detail.

It plays like a stylized, lighthearted hybrid between Master of Orion and Gradius. Download it and be impressed.


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