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Good approach to the manager thing

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Good call, I shoulda done it this way for the FSF resumes, of which I got 8 or 12 from various peeps.

Think we should do a steering committee that reviews source then approves committing to CVS? In addition to a coordinator?

I just did what I thought was needed. Of course, I did see how much of a mess the whole process was for FsF... :p

Glad you approve. :)

Not sure it's a mess, just nobody applying for the right jobs, and of course, they are all sitting in my inbox rather than in public.

Good idea :) The source changes everything, though, everything :)

You applying? That kind of initiative is a good quality :)

well, if the major mods are made by a select group, then the group itself should act on all changes, not a "committee" based on it.

having 3rd party groups managing another is asking for trouble.

How do the open source projects do it?


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