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Or; The Enterprise edition, threw in the source at one of my sisters ex-boyfreinds PC ("he is system administrator and a C++ programmer"). and it compiled FS2 OK. and from there,

"what do you think".

*grumbles* Everyone's compiling this stuff but me. :) Anyone want to make an exe of POFView available? I'd like to see how good it is at viewing them. (Might be easier to use it to check my models for bad geometry then FRED2 and FS2 if it's just as picky.)

A question about compiling:

Is there some sort of quick way to compile, because f7 takes forever.  How was Volition able to debug this thing if it took them so long just to compile it?  Or do developers have really fast computers just for compiling?

Clean builds always take a little while.

Incremental builds afterwards will go MUCH more quickly.

I've been takeing the files I work with and compile them, this puts them in the project folder, then I right click on the project folder and click on build selected, it compiles in like five minutes, as oposed to three hours


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