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Project settings (Msdev 6.0)

All of the subprojects that rely on the FS2 data tree to run (code, fred2,
freespace2, nebedit, pofview) are all currently targeted at


which is the directory I had on my local hard drive for putting this together.
Before you'll really be able to do anything, you'll need to point the targets
at wherever your local FS2 install is (make sure to make a copy of your
installed executables so you can backtrack!).

To change the destination in MsDev, you'll need to change
settings->debug->executable for debug session
settings->debug->working directory
settings->link->output file name

All projects have been verified as compiling and running properly. So, unless
I screwed something up between the time of checking everything and building
the zip file (entirely possible) you should just be able to load the workspace
and hit F7. If not, hey, just one more thing to play with ;)


Strait from the guide

Compiling is easy... good luck getting it to run

one thing I'd like to know is how do I get it to compile in relese mode

Look in build settings, or build-->batch build

IIRC, Dave said on VWBB that you need to have VC++ 6.0 Professional to compile a release build, but you can at least try and see what happens.

found it, right in front of me :)


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