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Weapon impact decal test builds

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 :banghead: I forgot to remove the debug code from the shader again but at least that shows that the decal rendering is working correctly. The builds from the first post have been updated and should now render the correct textures.

What GPU are you using? I could only test this with AMD hardware so I would like to make sure that it also works with Nvidia and Intel.

Geforce GTX760 here

Can truely produce works of art with this

There should probably be some degree of culling, be it life time or maximum number of decals. Possibly defined per $decal?

As I mentioned in the first post, this is mostly a tech-demo for testing if the decal rendering works reliably. Since rendering the decals seems to be working now we can discuss how to integrate the decals into the engine properly.

I will definitely add a maximum life for most decals but I would also like to add support for "permanent" decals which would also have better integration with the rest of the engine, e.g. by adding scripting access to these permanent decals. Another feature that could be useful could be time based scaling of the decal radius. If the decal is supposed to simulate a burning hull then it could be scaled down the longer it is present until it is gone completely.

I would like to avoid having a maximum number of decals since removing old decals would introduce ugly effects when a decal suddenly disappears.

I added support for specifying the lifetime of a decal and added documentation on how to use that to the first post.

Trivial Psychic:
The original decal system was of a black charred spot with a fuzzy edge and transparency.  I also believe that it was discussed using a glowmap to give a burn glow, that lasted only a few seconds after impact.


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