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FS2 Open native on Apple Silicon

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Yeah I know it's not ideal, but I also know of mod and SCP contributors who are still primarily Mac users so I'm wary of giving up on it entirely.

@chief1983, that's a good point about graphics acceleration.  I'm not sure, but I did create a FASTDBG build and flew around the first mission a bit.  The fs2_open.log is attached; it's using the current mediavps and some custom flag presets from an old version of the launcher.

It does appear there's an error acquiring an OpenGL context.  It's true as @m!m points out, Apple's deprecation of OpenGL is problematic in that they're letting the supplied version languish while pushing developers to their Metal framework.  That said, the fact that they bothered porting OpenGL indicates they'll leave it around for some time, although undoubtedly it will receive little support and no updates.

I completely understand the concerns with handling macOS builds, but I am hoping things will begin to stabilize past this transition.  Apple's recent push to abandon legacy technologies has been focused on preparing for this transition.  Plus, with Apple, anything could happen.  They've been down the road with proprietary graphics frameworks before: QuickDraw3D was the big thing before ditching it when they went to OpenGL; maybe they'll consider supporting Vulkan some day?  :)

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At least the error I could find are "expected" on Mac since we try to create higher versions of OpenGL first starting with 4.5 and at 4.1 we finally get one.

Regarding their support, the main issue is that at some point we are going to use features exclusive to OpenGL 4.2 or higher at which point Mac becomes impossible to support. We had that situation before with fixed-function OpenGL and it was not pretty. If Vulkan or MoltenVk works at that point it will not be an issue but that is a big "if".

@Elyus: nice work. :yes:

That said, things aren't looking rosy for future Mac support....

--- Quote from: m!m on November 24, 2020, 03:26:18 pm ---Finally, I would like to note that I am very reluctant to invest valuable time into supporting an OS that makes every effort to make the developers job even harder so at least for me Mac is very low on the priority list.

--- End quote ---
Unfortunately, I'm inclined to agree. Although I've recently done some work to improve Mac support, it looks to me like Apple is intentionally moving away from cross-platform compatibility. Even if we can find a coder willing to dedicate themselves to Mac support, there's a limit to how much the SCP can bend over backwards to support an OS whose developer has shown no interest in making cross-platform support easy.

It's ironic, in that Microsoft is moving towards cross-platform with things like Hyper-V and the new .NET. Ah, well.

--- Quote from: chief1983 on November 24, 2020, 03:57:19 pm ---Yeah I know it's not ideal, but I also know of mod and SCP contributors who are still primarily Mac users so I'm wary of giving up on it entirely.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, I was a Mac user when I joined SCP :) and I doubt we'll give up on it entirely. But Mac support is bound to get worse over time, and even with good intentions, the SCP can't do a whole lot about it.

Actually, the performance is not too bad for the M1. Specially if you are talking about 1080p, AMD Vega 11 is not that much faster really.

What i do find interesting is that you were able to run mediavps on the M1 on arm64 with the unaligned models and shields system not causing crashes, i really had to solve quitte of a few issues to do that on the RPI, it looks like Apple handles that a lot better.


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