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Whenever a thread is locked, on the forum topic list that particular topic turns white-ish. Unfortunately this makes it almost impossible to see what the topic title is, who posted it, etc without opening it.

EDIT: UNKNOWN TARGET - Stickying this so any niggling forum complaints have a place to be, instead of having multiple threads.

Unknown Target:
Can you provide an example link to a locked topic please? :)

Talon 1024:
There are a few locked/moved topics on the first page of the WCSaga forum.

Same here, most certainly because the forum theme isn't finished (see news ) The entire line of the locked topic still has the same colour as the bright theme

My point is when you looked at the forum, there are many topics but the locked ones are basically white which makes it impossible to see what they are without opening them.

See those two locked threads? I can't see what they are.


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