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Sarkoth's recurring Steam Key giveaway (Humble Bundle leftovers)

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Hey guys, I bought another Humble Bundle the other hour and have spare keys left due to already owning a few ot the games already. After asking pretty much all of my online friends three have remained. So before they go to waste, I would like to give them away to the HLP community.

Although it's first come, first serve, please remember to be fair. If you have no idea what the game is about, don't just go ahead and redeem it just because it's free, there might be someone who wanted to pick one of these up for quite a while. Then again, no one has to ask for permission, just go ahead and grab them if you want them.


Legend of Grimrock

Orcs Must Die 2: Complete

And most and foremost: Have fun =)

I redeemed Orcs Must Die 2, thanks a ton!

Colonol Dekker:
Legend of grimrock.  Nostalgia.

Kind thanks.

Big hug.

Because humble bundle:

AI War: Fleet Command with three addons

Have fun! :) And please post if and what you redeemed.

P.S. Oh and it still looks like no one redeemed Terraria so far.


--- Quote from: Sarkoth on September 13, 2014, 02:42:44 am ---Because humble bundle:

AI War: Fleet Command with three addons

--- End quote ---

:)  thanks!


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