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Mike Kulas & Matt Toschlog working on a new Descent-inspired title

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In what is probably one of the bigest announcements of recent years, the original founders of Parallax Software, Volition and Outrage have come back together and launched a new studio. They are setting up their first title to be 'OVERLOAD' - Which is pretty much DESCENT with a different name. If this takes off and works, FreeSpace may just have a future too. Their website hasn't officially launched yet, but you can take a sneek peak.

Password: overload

There is also a teaser-trailer up @


Another sticky topic from me - but I really didn't see this one coming - ANOTHER 6DOF game by some of the original Descent creators? Get involved and get backing people! Stat!  :p - Fineus

I'm going to keep clicking that Kickstarter link until it works.

EDIT: NVM, found it:

Bryan See:
I've checked out the Overload website today. Kinda reminds me of Sol: Contigency and Descent Underground.

Looks a lot closer to what I was hoping Descent: Underground would turn out to be. Their ask is also refreshingly modest. Color me interested.

Aww, sweet.  <3


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