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Have already apologized and repudiated my prior comments in the previous thread, but am doing so here per the request of the administrator who contacted me.

I publicly apologize for and repudiate my comments made in a non-HLP-controlled Discord regarding the Holocaust nearly 2 years ago. I apologize for any questioning of the scale of such or suggesting in a joking or trolling manner that six million Jews were not killed during said Holocaust, as such minimizes the suffering to the Jewish people at the hands of the Nazi regime prior to and during World War II. I do understand the stakes as have been elaborated on plainly via DM and via comments made on the forums. I do, as indicated in my comments spanning the nearly two years since the incident, believe the Holocaust happened with no alteration as to the numbers of deaths, etc. I additionally understand that my return to the Discord is directly related to the sincerity of the aforementioned apology, and any similar comments will presumably see to a permanent ban from said HLP Discord.


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