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Author Topic: important wiki matter: please post thoughts 2

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General Battuta:
I thought we all agreed the Mixalot got to stay. The page got protected with the Mixalot there!

Then it got unprotected and somebody removed the Mixalot and now it has been protected again with no Mixalot. Why the reversal? Mods??


--- Quote from: General Battuta on February 05, 2021, 11:21:42 am ---we all agreed

--- End quote ---

Nope. At no point in history it was widely accepted by this community.

The E:
You don't speak for the community, Mobius.

I vote Mixalot stays.


And seriously, the last time we discussed this, it was pretty clear that people don't mind jokes on the wiki.

General Battuta:
Yeah, last time we talked about this there was a clear consensus, and TopAce protected the article with the very good joke in place. We're supposed to be burying old conflicts, not reopening them!

General Battuta:
Here is TopAce's verdict as of November 2020


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