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Who owns HLP?

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So I've been meaning to get around to this for a while. I'd like to compile a definitive list of who has access to the various parts of HLP. Who runs SVN? Discord? YouTube? Facebook? ModDB? etc. By having a list it would make it easier for us to make sure all messaging is consistent and updated at the same time. It would also make it easier to contact the person we need to speak to whenever issues do arise.

Freespace Wiki - List of moderators
Discord - MageKing17
ModDB - Karajorma (Goober, Chief, The E and Zacam should also have access).
Reddit - List of moderators

Androgeos Exeunt:
MageKing17 probably owns the Discord server - only the server manager can invite bots, and since MageKing can do that, they must be the owner.

I actually knew that one, but I figured it's important to have a gimme to get the ball rolling.

Why do I wanna say SVN was mjn? Am I just delusional?

Speaking of ModDB (it's no secret that I'm pretty much the most active HLPer on that website), each mod and TC has its owner and administrator. Sometimes, profiles are managed by teams where each member has certain privileges in terms of editing.

There is however a FreeSpace 2 Open profile where basic information concerning the game and SCP is provided, and it'd be nice to know who's managing that page.

EDIT: there's a team behind that page and, judging from the e-mail address, the profile manager could be karajorma himself.


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