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Suggestion: Add a "gh" BBCode tag for easy reference to FSO GitHub Issues/PRs


It would be handy to have an easy way to insert references to FSO GitHub issues and pull requests. How about a new "gh" tag?

Suggested syntax

--- Code: ---[gh]Issue #3336[/gh]

--- End code ---

would turn into

Issue #3336


--- Code: ---[gh]PR #3398[/gh]

--- End code ---

would turn into

PR #3398

If "gh" is confusing, the tag could be "github" instead.


I don't know exactly what would be needed to be done to implement this... but I bet I know enough of the relevant languages to figure it out if given the access, and would be willing to take a crack at it if the existing admin pool thinks this is a good idea but not one they're prepared to dive into.

The forum is written in PHP, and the code is publicly downloadable at  Here's how the URL tag is set up:

--- Code: --- array(
'tag' => 'url',
'type' => 'unparsed_content',
'content' => '<a href="$1" class="bbc_link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">$1</a>',
'validate' => function(&$tag, &$data, $disabled)
if (strpos($data, 'http://') !== 0 && strpos($data, 'https://') !== 0)
$data = '//' . $data;

--- End code ---

Done. I've used a simple regex to find the # number which means that "PR #123" and "PR #123: Some test" work but "PR #123a" doesn't. "Did you look at #123 already?" would work as well. Just make sure that your text contains #<number><some kind of separator like " ", ":", ".", ...> somwhere.

The current tag always links to the FSO repo. I could add [gh=pcs2], [gh=knossos], ... as well if there's interest.

EDIT: I've also added the gh and fsolog tags to the toolbar as well since I keep forgetting them.

Sweet! It works great. :D Thanks, ngld! :yes:


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