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Bio Evil - Resident Evil 1 'demake' for SEGA Genesis/Megadrive


Just when you think you've seen everything lol.. these Russian fellows have been working on a Resident Evil 1 game on the good old SEGA Genesis / Mega drive and it looks pretty awesome! Obviously not 3D but a very cool 2.5D isometric retro conversion of all the rooms, monsters, and characters. I tried out the demo on the Itch page and sadly its waaaaaaay older than the stuff they've been posting over the last few years. Hope they get it done before Capcom's lawyers see it lol.

Recent test demo that looks insane!

Even the music conversions are awesome

Big fan preview showing lots of cool footage (Commentary not in English so I have no idea what's being said)


Colonol Dekker:
That is sheet hawt.

Mega impressive. 💪💪💪👍👍👍

Oh and they've since done a cool gameplay video that's been making the rounds in the console forums:

Same footage but without all the VHS effects:


Just noticed they made this funny retro commercial for it:

Some more cool gifs too..

Been a while so I thought I'd check in and see how the Bio Evil Genesis/Megadrive guys are doing. They've been mostly focuses on their other commercial games (Alien Cat 2, Hunter Girls, Black Jewel Reborn etc) over the last few years but have been more active on the Bio Evil project again more recently. They also released a much newer Demo 2 on their Itch page too!

New intro cutscene:

Testing tank controls and collision detection:


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