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--- Quote from: Prophet on July 22, 2006, 03:26:24 pm ---Warhead forevar!!! ;7

--- End quote ---

i have that game on the CD here :lol:

Has anyone else tried the latest beta of ZZT?

I do must say that the Battlecruiser 3000AD saga is most exquisite. Have any of you fellows partook in operating that particular entertainment program? In my quite honest opinion, I believe it to be a wonderous piece of art.

I can wait nary a fortnight for a subsequent edition.

I must concur, chap. That Dr. Derek Smart Derek Smart Derek Smart Derek Smart Derek Smart sure is a genius when it comes to entertainment of such exquisite value.

Derek Smart.

(Just for the search engines :p )

Anyone played Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends?

I've got it sitting here and am yet to play it. (mate lent it to me) Pretty cool game or no?


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