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Colonol Dekker:
I read about this in PC Gamer about 2 months back and realised that i hadn't bothered looking for footage. I've found some and am now sharing it.....

Wet pants with anticipation time? :lol:

I'll be honest.. I'm taking this with a pinch of salt. Here's why:

BF2 - while not brand new anymore - is still a very active game. Yet somehow a number of quiet serious glitches and problems have yet to be fixed including dropped connections and hacks within the game. A lot of us have all had problems with EA before and this is sadly one more example of them preferring to focus on getting a new game out than providing proper support for the existing one.

Given that BF2142 is built on the same engine as BF2, I fear that existing problems may be carried over - as well as new ones. As much as I enjoy BF style gameplay, I don't want to hand over my money freely before I've tried the new game as - if its as bad as I fear - it might simply be a new set of models and maps with the same gameplay and problems as BF2. Hardly worth my £30/40 then.

So yes - good as it looks - I'll be trying it or playing a demo of it before I buy.

Colonol Dekker:
Oh of course, by all means, I for one always try and play a demo before i even consider purchase investments.
I think 2142 looks more appealling than most mechy games at the moment, If for example chrome hpounds had offline multiplay, i would buy it immediately as a few relatives and mates all meet up for beer barbecue lan parties now and then.
I like BF2 as we all do when it runs well. 2142 adds a terminator'esque twist whcih looks quite nice. but as you sa it may jsut be new models so we will have to wait and see. :D


The Battlefield series, awesome as it was, died with BF2.

The Battlefield series was stillborn.


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