Author Topic: Is SW Empire at War any good?  (Read 2001 times)

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Is SW Empire at War any good?
or is just a rehash of the last RTS they had(Battlegrounds iirc)
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Re: Is SW Empire at War any good?
I really enjoy playing it, the space battles are awesome and alone worth buying that game (especially after you installed the so called Steiner-Mod AOTR, it has lot's of new ships and upgraded graphics).

Also the modding possibilities are great, with time and skill you could recreate a uptodate version of Rebellion.

(if you are low on credits, than you should wait till it's a budget game, and then get it). It's great :)

The bad side is, that the single player campaign is a little flat (not really bad, but could have been much better :( )

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Re: Is SW Empire at War any good?
The demo was OK, beat the computer every time though.
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Re: Is SW Empire at War any good?
Yeah, the AI in skirmishes is absolutely terrible. Even on the hardest settings, in space battles you'll be sending fleets of Imperators while the computer is still ****ing around with Blockade Runners as the mainstay of his fleet.

But the campaign is pretty fun, and the AI does actually put up a pretty good fight. Of course, it does tend to suffer the same annoyances of Rome: Total War, meaning that when you have an extremely large territory, you'll be attacked almost once every few minutes, which can be quite annoying when making large fleet maneuvers with your brand-spanking-new Death Star I.


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Re: Is SW Empire at War any good?
It takes you some time to find the installations with which you can build your units, but the game's system is pretty simple and the AI is beatable this time, at least in Skirmish mode. I didn't play the campaign and the game is no longer installed, but I saw the first Rebel missions. It's just typical LucasArts, you had to destroy like six-seven Star Destroyers with two or three CR90s (Corellian corvettes).
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