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Lego Star Wars II

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Demo's out and it ****ing rocks!

I spent over an hour and a half exploring the demo before I unlocked freeplay mode (which will take even longer to play) so this is probably one of the longest demos in existance :) Basically this is just a longer version of the first game. Given that the main complaint anyone had about the first game was that it was too short that's no bad thing :)

And you get to drive vehicles in this one too.

I'm wanting to grab this on the DS, myself, assuming it has proper 3d and not the GBA style isometric graphics.

If you liked the original then this is just a bigger, better version of it :)

Not sure what it will be like on the DS though.

Colonol Dekker:
I love the first one, i got it on x-box. The 2nd one is gonna be light years better.  Hopefully it will be out on PSP or 360.

Well it has better source material for one thing :)


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