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Hlp member appreciation thread
This might be the wrong place to put this, was not sure, mods please move it if u think it should be somewere else.

This is a place to say nice things about each other and their projects, a place where you can talk about your favrate modder, mod, moderator, and/or member, and what you like about them.

I'll start,

I'm thankful for ertanax's walls of text, they are fun to read.
I'm glad that we have coders like m!m, beazon, david gibson, and everyone else to help keep fso updated.
I like nyx's ships, joshua is cool, and battuta is witty.

Begin asaltting each other with complaments. Go!
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Enioch is a master story crafter and i particularly enjoyed his rule the waves stories. I hope he comes back with more soon.


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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Bryan see had a single- minded devotion I've rarely seen outside of the Internet.


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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Iain "Nomad" Baker does an astounding job as a writer and proofreader. Subscribe to Nomad's Reviews at once!  :cool:
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
I always had the deepest respect for his works actually. BtA was fun to play, maybe even too diverse in its mission and the HD Cutscenes were gorgeous in the most part.
So, actually it was really a shame, that we were never able to get along together and that became very ugly in the end due to the dumbest reasons.

Bryan See
Even his execution of ideas was mediocre at best due to his lack of patience in general... he had very ambitions ideas after all and atleast he tried to bring them to live.

As JMS is one of the persons i idolized, both people share this visionary attitude i am trying to keep myself. And that always need to be some kind of stubborn to be able to push your ideas through.
But well, you need people like us to get in any new direction  :)
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Wings of Dawn essentially lead me to start modding and writing my own stories. Idolized him for a long time since few members have constructed a full scale total Conversion all by themselves like he did. Incredibly dedicated and it's a pity he's gone now.
Also his art is cute and made me start art.

One of the nicest people I've encountered on HLP, helped me out a ton with learning how to script and is overall always helpful whenever I have trouble with my own modding adventures.

Was very encouraging when I tried to model a new Amazon, occasionally helps me out with Substance Painter, taught me about Substance Painter's existence and makes very cool ships.
Makes missions sometimes.
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Achilleon, for opening doors.
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Raven2001 and Vasudan Admiral - I recognise them as my paternal figures when it comes to modelling. Their work inspired me and allowed to achieve everything I know about modelling today.

Rampage, Mobius, Admiral Nelson - My signature modding partners, good pals and closest associates in the community.

Col.Hornet - The last remaining modder I made friends with on now defunct polish community. One of my closest real-life friends, smart man and great modding partner.

Goober5000 - When he was administrator, he provided me with the most encouragement, support and attention from the whole admin crew.

Nightmare, Colt, Ertanax, Asteroth, EatThePath, Strygon, Iain "Nomad" Baker - Some of examples of newer members I found worth mentioning. All very talented, cooperative and promising. I keep tracking their activities with attention, wishing their projects excellence in the upcoming future.

Orph3u5, Darius, NeonShivan, TheDagger, RGA_Noris, BrotherBryon, FreeSpaceFreak, Oddgrim - Honorable mentions of guys with style! I like their work, their sense of aesthetics and their creative directions.
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
The E, for inspiring me (and inviting me) to join the SCP, which has been some of the most rewarding work I've ever done in my life.
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
The E for not giving up on this community despite everything he's been through in real life.


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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Axem, for providing several very entertaining campaigns, as well as writing scripts which are now used in nearly every mod I see.
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
I'd like to compliment every single programmer, model maker, script writer, story writer, and any other subset of modder that has made this game and community what it is today. I'm not giving names, there are too many to list and you all know who you are.

All of you make me proud.



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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
I'd like to thank TechnoD11 for his exemplary attitude 👍


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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Axem, for not only making scripts that are essential to most modern campaigns, but also for inspiring me to work on FS stuff in general

m!m, Asteroth, Goober5000 and z64555 for having the patience entertaining even my weirder PR's and helping me get an entry into the SCP


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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Thank you to everyone who has contributed and continues to contribute new things for this crazy 22-year-old space game. The work you guys do is nothing short of amazing.


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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
To Mjn, who went out to upload old campaigns on Knossos for my benefit;

To Goober, one of my better introductions to the community on my first week;

To Matth, for getting me into screenshotting;

For Mito, who encouraged, supported, and was there for laughs during my Freespace campaign marathon;

To Darius, Axem, Herkie, Mobius, Nyx, Nelson and Strygon for being my more memorable content creators;

And to the other creators, whose usernames aren't quite as memorable but left a legacy that gives Freespace a longetivity lasting months if not years;


Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
I do think that in part because of this community I've become a kinder, gentler person, and especially a far more articulate person. It's been a long time since I first started reading posts here, but I want to single out The E and MP-Ryan in particular for now.

joshua is cool

but i didn't do anything. Also you're way cooler.
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
You guys rock, I really wish I could contribute more. But I promise if I come into an extra deluge of cash, HLP is on the top of my list to keep helping out with.

Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
To everyone in general, because players are just as important as creators.

And doubly so to everyone who had to put up with me.
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Re: Hlp member appreciation thread
Too many people to thank individually really. So thank you all for allowing me to be your unpaid shill. My portfolio sends its regards too, it's nice and 'rotund' hanks to HLP :-)

Thank you to everyone too for creating so many incredible campaigns that I hardly ever need to buy new games. (Although my 'Steam Library List of Shame' isn't too pleased as it keeps complaining that I'm not getting through it fast enough. I think it is going to file for divorce under grounds of neglect  ;7)

Thank you too to the people behind Knossos. I remember seeing some of the FS mods advertised waaaay back in the 2000s and thinking - "I wish I could play those" - then looking at the install instructions back then and thinking "Nope - me not do IT good. wXlauncher be scary! :shaking:". (I did figure it out by about 2017 when I joined HLP). But Knossos makes it SOOOOOO much easier that even a borderline Boomer like me can figure it out  :lol:

Also a big thank you to the SR team for taking me on and letting my creative juices flow - while getting my 'doomer card' stamped on the reg. Most of what I have done with SR isn't visible yet, as its being saved for the next big update - ETA... er...its on 'Valve Time'.  :lol:
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