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Severed Steel is neon arcade F.E.A.R.

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EatThePath: some respects. It's not a horror game, and in many ways it plays very differently, but the satisfaction of slamming into bullet time and shooting a faceless armored goon while they curse and matrix-like shockwaves ripple through the air is distilled down into the very core of this game, and wrapped in a minimalist but satisfying story and packed with varied levels.

I too some video of me playing for friends, and hell, I think the thing that most sells this game is seeing it.

It's one of those games that can be a little bumpy to get going in, you can see my fumbling in the first video for instance, but once you hit that groove it's great. So long as you keep the john woo **** going you're practically unstoppable, in fact if you're in a 'stunt' you get free sowlmo and can't be shot, but if you fumble that at the wrong moment you die super quick. Levels are short and tight, with a little tasteful check-pointing, so throwing yourself back in after death is quick and helps avoid frustration. It's demanding, but satisfying.

ok yes that looks brilliant.

After looking around at other reactions, I guess I should say that some people find it too short for the money. Depending on how hard you make/find it, it takes a couple of hours at most to get through the story, such as it is. But the game has score/time attack versions of every level and is kind of made for that, so if jumping to blast some stormtroopers now and then sounds fun, there should be enough there for you. There is for me, that's for sure.

Scourge of Ages:
Sounds like a good steam sale game! I'll pick it up eventually.

EatthePath, did you ever play Ultrakill? It's similarly a very, very speedy arcade shooter, just leaning more in the direction of Devil May Cry rather then FEAR.


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