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Another Outerspace render
Originally posted by Thorn
Yeah.. the Photoshop ones are... you can make some very nice ones with MAX...

Well, I don't mean ugly quite so much as annoying.  Lens flares are neat effects, but it makes the image a bit more personal when it seems like you're seeing it in person on as some sort of painting (even if it does not appear like one).  I'm not sayin they can't be done right, but there is a definite place for non-lens flared images.
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Another Outerspace render
Originally posted by Thorn

How about we just say "released"?

what aboput reading my posts following the one with the cursed "dropped" word in it? :p
Oh, thank you for putting it in the gallery :)

It occured to me that glows are not really realistic in space: not much dust, and in this case the pic is not really supposed to be a shot from another ship or anything, so no lense either.
Anyway, I'll probably forget about that realism stuff, coz when it's well done and not exagerated, glows looks neat ^_^