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Hello, me and few of my friends would like to play the campaign in coop. Is there any way to convert missions from singleplayer to coop?


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Not easily. Diaspora was designed for a single player and although the missions can be converted it requires quite a large amount of FREDding knowledge to do so. If you have that and are interested in making a conversion, I'd be more than happy to work with you on it. If not, I have started the process but due to a lack of feedback and the fact I now only have one PC, I haven't been able to do much recently. If people want to give me feedback, I'd be more than willing to do the whole lot.

You can find the one mission I did convert here. If it works with a recent build, excellent. If not, tell me what errors you get and I'd be happy to look into it.
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Thanks for your answer. I'll have a look at the mission. With FREDing I won't be able to help, because I have no idea about programming, coding and such.