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Cutscene Creation Problems
So, I'm FREDing a mission, I'm trying to build an in-mission cutscene for it, and I've encountered a couple problems:

I used set-camera-host to switch the view to the Camera I want to use, but I can't figure out how to switch back to the player ship afterwards. Using set-camera-host on the player ship just sticks the viewpoint inside the ship model.

Also, whenever the Camera spawns, it strafes down and to the left if I use set-camera-target and tell it to follow a waypoint path. If I don't set a target, it spins wildly for a second before straightening out and following the waypoint. If I don't give it a waypoint path to follow, and just use set-(axis)-velocity or the initial velocity settings to get it moving, it spins wildly for a second and starts orbiting its spawn point.

Help please.


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Re: Cutscene Creation Problems
Short reply: cut scene sexps suck

Morr later


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Re: Cutscene Creation Problems

I direct you to this page I wrote. Cutscene SEXPs are like amazingly idiosyncratic, it takes a lot of trail and error to get a handle on using them right. Part of your problems may also be encountering is the normal AI kicking in for fighters. If you have a fighter without orders, it won't sit still, it'll wander around a bit keeping a very loose and limited patrol. Use waypoints to move them to places, if you need very controlled movement tell them to play dead and use the set-ship-maneuver sexps to directly control a ship... Like I said it'll probably need quite a bit of trail and error to get something nice looking, took me forever to get good at making cutscenes in FreeSpace... :sigh:

Re: Cutscene Creation Problems
Thanks, this should be helpful. Already has, in fact. Telling the Camera to play dead with initial orders seems to have fixed the odd movement problems (though weirdly enough telling it to play dead with a sexpy had it turn left and then do nothing).

I looked through the article, and I couldn't find anything that switched back to the player ship. Reset camera looks like it might, but I tried that and it didn't work; it stuck me in this low-res model of the cockpit, with the DRADIS screen just blank. I could steer the ship, see the escort list, and cycle through targets, but I couldn't fire the weapons, and the HUD looked like parts of the original Freespace 2 HUD had been layered over it. It somehow broke the ship's spawn, too. I have it set to arrive in the docking bay of another ship, but instead it appears 4km in front of it.


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Re: Cutscene Creation Problems
If your cutscene is at the start of the mission, the reason for the left turn is probably because the game starts off with the AI ships doing something (In this case, turning left, probably to get in formation or attack something). The SEXP then tells the ships to stop moving, so they stop.

When you use initial orders, they are used to decide what the ship should be doing at the start of the mission, so in this case, they do nothing.

Not sure why reset-camera isn't working for you though.
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Re: Cutscene Creation Problems
Success! I have discovered... well. I wouldn't call it a 'fix'. More like a work around.

For some reason if I start the mission with the player ship cloaked, and then un-cloaking when using reset camera, the bug doesn't occur. So yay.


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Re: Cutscene Creation Problems
Not sure why reset-camera isn't working for you though.

I had this issue going for some time

you actually have to add the logical "true" to the SEXP arguments manually, otherwise it will not work.
Also, good trick is to reset the camera each time you end hosting or following something before you set the camera to new positions or angles, or else, everything gets bogus.
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Re: Cutscene Creation Problems
What about arbitrary Lua cutscene functions? Will they be able to create cutscenes found in today's games?
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