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I'm obviously sad to hear that Richard Hatch passed away yesterday. I'm sure all of us Diaspora fans will miss him and remember him as a man who played an important part in both the original and new BSG shows.
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RIP Apollo :(
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Yea its been a sad year for Sci-Fi fans.  I recently just started watching the '78 series on DVD.  I need to finish it.  BSG was a show that made a huge impression on six year old boy.

I really enjoyed his character in the reimagined series too.  I'm glad that he at least got his wish in one respect, he spent so much time trying to resurrect BSG, when the studio pitched the new series he got to participate.  He'll forever be immortalized.


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RIP Apollo

That's a bummer, he was certainly a fan favorite back in the days of the old show and i liked him as Zarek in the new one.


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RIP :c

I liked his character in 2003's BSG until I leanred he was the original Appolo !

So say we all
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