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I've been working on this...

What do you think?? Some of those "window" structures are supposed to be LODable subobjects. THe main hull is at 6000 polys, make it about 7000 with the subobjects it already has (I will add some more)

Feedback is always nice :)

Amasing work man, some high res textures and it will be stunning ingame.

My problem is, I cant' draw textures... I'd like it to have a single texture, opposed to a lot of tile textures. If someone would be kind enough to help me with that would be nice...

The only thing I can suggest (besides working on the smoothing) is to add some structure around the main beam turrets.  They are huge on the front on the original model, and making them not look like buttons sewn on to the front might make it a little better.

Excellent work though!

I don't think I will smooth it much more... the Hecate is still a terran ship no matter what, and I want to keep it with a decent polycount (no 10k poly main hulls for me, sorry :( )

I know someone was working on a HTL Hecate, but later dumped it, I would like to take a look at it, for some inspiration. Does anyone know where I can find it??


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