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HTL Athena and Athena MK2 - COMPLETED!

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Just uploaded them at Hades Combine :D

The Athena ramins true to the Original - all the POF data and stats are the same..only glows were added and insignia is put on the rear wings.

The Mk2 (or DH or Advanced..or whatever...) Has more firepower. It has 4 gun points on the first gun bank, for a total of 6.
It has an aditional missile bank, but the capacity of the other 2 have been reduced so the total capacity is (60, 60, 100) comapred to the original Athena's (80, 80)

Sadly, due to some PCS crazyness I could only convert the full models with the PCS-factet version, so they're not as smoothy as on the screenie (this being only LO0 converted with normal PCS):


Download files updated!

Freespace Freak:
Looks good.   :yes:

The advanced version has more guns and almost double the secondary capacity?  Nuts.  :D  Hope you sort out the conversion issues!

w00t, an Erinyes in terms of disabling that even non-elite pilots of the GTVA can fly? :)

Is it just me or does it seem that the glowpoints are missing on one side of both models :confused:?


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