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Hi res fs1 ships vp?

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I mean for the hi res apollo and others if there are any, It would be nice if there was one officialy. For one, the apollo modlel is excellent but it keeps residing on temporary internet servers and getting lost.  It would also be great for simplicity matters.

Angel, Apollo, Athena and Valkyrie are in my fsport ShivanSpS download  388MB or  227 MB (slow to unzip)

Oh realy great! I didn't notice that you already made one. Thanks!

It would be better if the vp could be hosted seperatly thatway so people don't have to redl the entire mod from the link you gave me.
  Also the apollo in the vp you gave me is the one with the white and red glow textures that don't work. Or rather (don't show up) At the apollo thread there was a big conversation and someone changed the green one to red so that would work but when they made the vp they didnt change the old texture with the new one.

Well, the Angel and the Valkyrie is not a hi-poly, is just new textures...


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