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How to speak Vasudan (the Volition way!)

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Got this from Dan Wentz, so I figured I'd pass it along. :)

--- Quote ---Date sent:        Fri, 20 Feb 1998 11:00:06 -0600
From:             Duncan McPherson
To:               Dan Wentz
Subject:          Re: Vasudan Speech

Vasudan Language 101:

ll'yareh  -- book

nominative :  reh ll'yareh
genative :  geh ll'yaroi
dative :  iut ll'yarid
accusative:  do ll'yarix
ablative:  osi ll'yarpu
vocative:  (n/a)

ll'yarehfi -- to read (lit.:  "to book")

present singular:

I read:  ll'yarehfeh
you read:  ll'yarehfio
he/she/it reads:  ll'yarehfnia

present plural:

we read:  ll'yareh'Hrax
you read:  ll'yareh'Gio
they read:  ll'yareh'Neh

present imperial:

Emperor reads:  ll'yareh'phyarIx
Representative reads:  ll'yareh'oyr
Senator reads:  ll'yareh'urti
Ambassador reads:  ll'yareh'liyu

future singular:

I will read:  eso'll'yarehfeh
you will read:  eso'll'yarehfio
he/she/it will read:  eso'll'yarehfnia


procrastination future singular:

I will read (when I feel like getting around to it):  Uuleso'll'yarefeh


recent past singular:

I read:  apo'll'yarehfeh


grudge past singular:

I read (and I shall never forget reading it!):  Ng'nah'll'yarehfeh


long past singular:

I read (but it is now dead to me):  Yu'll'yarehfeh


ll'yarehkiol -- (adj.) "bookish"

ll'yarehkai'ol -- (adv.)  "bookly"

ll'yar! -- (imp.)  "Read!"  (lit.:  "Book!")
--- End quote ---

"now read a book!"

um, interesting. do we have a list of nouns to go with this?


Whoa! They started with the Vasudan language! It's another language I'll take classes on. ;)

Sent 9 years ago and only now you post it! Shame on you!

It is really surprising that you were communicating with Volition staff in 1998. Is the "date sent" wrong? Because how old would you be then? 11?


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