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Do i need to put the mediavps usually used with FS2 into the fsport folder? I use mediavps as a separate mod.
Same with homesick, etc.


Just check the contents of the mod.ini file in your fsport folder and be sure that it calls the mediavps mod under the 'multimod' header.
For example, here's my mod.ini for fsport:

infotext     = FreeSpace 1, now ported to run on the FreeSpace 2 engine.;
website      =;
forum        =,39.0.html;

primarylist  = ;
secondrylist = ,mediavps;


If you don't have a mod.ini in your fsport folder for some reason (pretty sure mine was like this when I downloaded it) then make a new txt file, paste that in and do a 'save as...' (or rename) to "mod.ini"  The launcher looks for this file and knows to load the mediavps mod in addition to the mod selected in the launcher.

Similarly, if you have any other mods that don't use mediavps normally, (Sync and Transcend come to mind) you can make the same mod.ini file in that mod's folder to use the prettier models/etc.  I suppose there could be some compatibility issues if a mod has some of its own models included though...

Just a tip:  When using File > Save As... , if you want a different extension, then select File Type: All files (*.*), and then put the extension as you want it.  Otherwise, if it's set as File Type: Text Files (*.txt), then you'll get whatever you type as the name like this:
because it will append .txt to the mod.ini  So, choose File Type: All Files (*.*).  ;)

How do I FRED with FSPORT then? like use FS Port ships, etc.

Run this:
"C:\Games\FreeSpace2\fred2_open_3_6_9.exe" -fredhtl -mod fsport,mediavps

Just make sure the -mod option is last in the line.

EDIT:  Did I see you online in Tremulous, FoolFromHell?


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