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where's the fs1 htl's?

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I can't find the htl files for the fs1 era fighters like the valkyie, apollo, athena, etc. And yes, I have checked the htl thread, but the few links i do find don't work.
(most specifically the valkyrie, if I can find that, i'll make do!)

Jeff Vader:
You'll just get sad if you try to find the Valkyrie. But, if you want the Apollo and the Athena, they're both available in the Useful stuff for FSO link in my sig.

Thanks for apollo and athena.
Wasn't the val undergoing it's HTL makeover?

Vasudan Admiral is doing it but he's being eaten alive by rabid rabbits university right now.

Jeff Vader:
Now that I remembered, I'd advise you to also get the HTL Loki from my 'site' if you don't already have it. There aren't any Lokis in the main FS1 campaign, but there are in Silent Threat, and you might be playing it eventually.


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