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Freespace Port 3.4 + Media VPs release!

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See the official thread for details!

Will the long awaited Valkyrie be included? :D

Uh... that depends. I know of at least three that are either finished or in progress. I promise I'll look into each of them and pick the best to go in.

How will this interface with other mod files that use the FSPort?  Do you need to add an addition to the secondarylist for fsportmvp?  Why not just add it to the fsport file?

Because the FSPort files are designed to be retail compatible. FSPort MVPs are not.

As for interfacing with other mod files, well, it would behave just like FS2 campaigns; you would either need to edit their mod.ini to specify the FSPortMVP folder, or make an updated version specifically for the MVP (just like the Campaign Restoration Project did with Derelict.)

Alternatively you can just plop the VP into your main FSport folder and forget about it. But that's at your own risk as then bug reports can't be reliably disentangled.


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