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Silent Threat: Reborn - Director's Cut
After six years, numerous rewrites, substantial feature creep, and a few premature reports of project death, the FSPort Team is proud to finally bring you Silent Threat: Reborn. :D  Containing eighteen missions, 947 voiced lines, dozens of SCP enhancements (while retaining retail compatibility), and countless hours of work, the final result is something we're very proud of.  We hope you are as excited to play it as we are to release it. :)

And in 2015, we are very pleased to bring you the Director's Cut of Silent Threat: Reborn.  This latest version features something we envisioned way back in 2008 but weren't able to achieve until now: two fully-rendered cutscenes to bookend the campaign.  The intro cutscene was originally drafted by Galemp in 2008 but later completely remastered and rerendered by MjnMixael.  The outro cutscene is MjnMixael's original work and features two brand new music tracks composed by Dan Wentz himself!

As a bonus, the Director's Cut also includes earlier drafts of what became "More Than Meets The Eye", "Ghosts", "Cloak and Dagger", and "Secrets Reborn".  In particular, this version of "Cloak and Dagger" was very nearly the one included in the final release, and it's only fair that y'all have a chance to play it.  As for the others, I thought you might like to catch a glimpse behind the scenes and compare these versions with both their predecessors in Silent Threat as well as their final versions in ST:R.  These missions are not available in the course of the ST:R campaign but can be played via the tech room.



You may download Silent Threat: Reborn automatically using Knossos or the FreeSpace Open Installer, or manually via the links below.  Silent Threat: Reborn requires a full copy of FreeSpace 2 as well as the FreeSpace Port.

ST:R Core FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: eb96a9ea4f999b12a55dd114c99a297d4fc25cd5
ST:R Voice Pack FeralHosting
VP SHA-1: 8257d9057d8ba0b74ebb169ff213ce6e1a174845
ST:R Cutscene Pack FeralHosting 480p 720p 1080p

The main download provides three mod.ini files, one each for a) using MVPs 2014, b) using MVPs 3.6.12, or c) not using MVPs.  The MVPs 2014 mod.ini is activated by default.

The voice pack is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Several missions virtually require it.  And it also delayed the release by about two years, so we think it's well worth waiting for. :)

The cutscene pack is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

NOTE: If you liked ST:R, don't forget to give it a high score on the ModDB community ranking. :)

Known Issues: (green ones are bugs that have been fixed)

1) Vasudan Command appears instead of Terran Command - If that happens for you, make sure you have both the Port v3.1.1 and a bleeding edge nightly build (something after revision 5019).

2) It's possible to begin str11, "Betrayed", while you're disabled.  This is an oversight that has been fixed in the core VP.

3) In str06, "He Who Rides the Tiger", Lambda 1 will not dock with the Ratna if you are using the mediavps and your mod priorities are not configured correctly.

4) In str06, "He Who Rides the Tiger", Lambda 2 will not dock with the Ratna under an extremely rare set of circumstances; this has been fixed in the core VP.

5) We didn't have enough time to finish adding the Vasudan speech behind every Vasudan line, so certain lines will only have the translator and not the original speech.  This has now been patched.

6) In str06, "He Who Rides the Tiger", some people have reported not hearing a crucial message.  The timing should now be fixed.

7) In str16, "Blood of the Innocents", if you're playing on Very Easy, a critical game event may not work.  This should now be fixed.

Wheee! :D

Androgeos Exeunt:
Got it! :D

Vasudan Admiral:
Huge well done to all those involved. :yes:

And for those who were wondering, the HTL Hades isn't done yet. :(
A nightmare-busy semester at uni saw to that, but I'm still working on it as fast as I can!


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