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*Mod edit: If you're a newly-registered member, feel free to post in here and say hi!*

Hey.  Just registered.  Been 'lurking' for a good time now because FRED2 scares the hell out of me  :eek2: and I have nothing but respect for how you have improved and reinvented this game from when I bought the original GOTY edition.

Would just like to say thanks for all the projects that have made my most memorable game into (dang used up all my good polite terms) something incredible.

Thanks for your time and effort HLP community!

P.S. when is Freespace 3 gonna come out?!?  :P [/bad first joke]

Androgeos Exeunt:
* Androgeos Exeunt fires his BABeam.


and welcome.

sigtau: the HLPBB.


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