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FSU Staff:
After talk between FSU members, it's been decided a new thread was needed, because of the lack of frequent and recent updates.

NOTE: Due to the relatively common occurrence of two people unknowingly working on the same ship, we request that rather than keep it as a surprise, an announcement thread of some sort be made ASAP. This is ESPECIALLY encouraged for ships of corvette or above scales due to the huge amount of work involved in their construction. This is not intended to discourage anyone from upgrading whichever ship they please (though ships that do not already have upgraded versions are most definitely preferred!), but merely to try and reduce accidental doubling up.

* NAME: The name in Italics means that while there may be an updated Mesh (compared to Retail), it was either done a long time ago, or could still use more detail or another look.
* MESH: The model itself. Higher poly count, managed smoothing and where ever possible, textured details should be present or defined (within reason). (If it can or should be handled by the Normal map, then use the normal map for the feature)
* GLOWPOINTS: Glowing balls often times used to accentuate glows on a texture or use on edges of wings to simulate how we do it on fighters today, done via POF editor.
* MAPPING: A UVMap is usually 1 or 2 maps for the main LOD instead of having many tiles.
"UVMapped" looks better as it can have more dynamic detail present and it doesn't hit performance as hard as tiles do.
"Retail/Tile" means that the model is still Tile Mapped. Mixed means both a UVMap and/or additional Textures are used, or lower LODs are still separately mapped.
* TEXTURES: The original 256x256 8-bit PCX textures can be made larger and more detailed, with carefully designed glow and shine maps to match.
"Retail" means that it is an up-sized DDS version of the Retail map, rather than a unique to the model details map. While not a "bad" thing, not a lot of Retail maps were of the right resolution for the DDS "power of two", so whenever possible, a new map (even based on Retail alignment) should be made.
* NORMAL MAP: This new functionality greatly improves the appearance of every texture, it makes the illusion of more detail modeled than is actually modeled.
"Texture Based" means that somebody simply ran the base diffuse map through a Normal Map filter/generator. While not necessarily a bad thing, it can be noisy/messy (as indicated by italics).
* STATUS LINK: A link to the development thread or image to the completed in-use asset or Wiki page.
--==<< Terran Vessels >>==--

Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping      Texture   Normal Map   Status LinkGTF Apollo         Old         Yes            Old         Old         Texture Based               Thread LinkGTF Valkyrie       Yes          Yes                   UVMapped   Yes           Yes                                Thread LinkGTF Angel           Old         Yes                  Mixed           Old           Old                                 Thread Link

Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkGTB Athena         Old   Yes         Mixed   Old   Old      Thread Link
Support and Cargo
Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkGTS Centaur      Old         No            Mixed      Old         Texture Based   Thread LinkGTFr Chronos   Old         No            Mixed   Old   Yes      Thread Link
Additional Misc
Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkGTI Polaris         Yes         No            Mixed      Retail         Texture Based               Thread LinkTerran Probe      Yes         No            UVMapped      Yes   Yes               Thread Link

--==<< Vasudan Vessels >>==--

Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkPVF Anubis         Yes      No            UVMapped   Yes      Yes   Thread Link
Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkPVB Amun      Yes      No            UVMapped      Yes      Yes         Thread Link - WIP
Support and Cargo
Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkPVS Scarab      Old   No            Retail      Retail      Texture Based            Thread LinkPVDr Jackal         Yes   Yes            UVMapped      Yes   Yes         Thread LinkPVFr Bast         Yes      No            UVMapped      Yes      Yes         Thread LinkVC 3            Yes      No            UVMapped         Yes      Yes         Thread Link
Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkPVI Karnak      Yes   Yes            UVMapped   Yes      Yes            Thread LinkKarnak Reactor         Yes      Yes            UVMapped      Yes      Yes         Thread LinkPVI Shah Pylon         Yes   Yes            UVMapped   Yes      Yes         Thread LinkPVI Cheops         Yes      Yes            UVMapped      Yes      Yes   Thread Link
Additional Misc
Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkPVSC Imhotep         Yes   Yes         UVMapped   Yes   Yes      Thread Link

--==<< Shivan Vessels >>==--

Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkSF Scorpion         Yes         No            UVMapped      Yes      Yes      Thread LinkSF Gorgon      Yes   No         UVMapped   Yes   Yes      Thread Link
Name         Mesh   Glow-points   Mapping   Texture   Normal Map      Status LinkSB Shaitan         Yes   No         UVMapped   Yes   Yes   Thread Link

FSU Staff:


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