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--- Quote from: BirdofPrey on August 23, 2016, 01:53:51 pm ---
Does that cockpit actually have two people in it, though?  Bomber Apollo in the cutscene was a two seater.

--- End quote ---
it does

bumped because.........  I wanted to ask if some FS1 MediaVPS-style Command Briefing Anis were available or easy to make for these Apollos.

Something like this?

mjn's been working on remaking the FS1 cutscenes and he's made a few other anis for FS1. Maybe ask him?

I have remade all the FS1 and FS2 anis. Can you be more specific on what you want?

It is a little bit embarrassing really, for some reason I thought I was posting in this thread:
Basically, I would really like to have one of your remade Anis with the Apollos of this thread, the bomber variant it particular.

I need them for...   reasons.


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