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Edit: Released!  ;)


The link for the civillian variant:

Civillian version

Old post:New project, and one of the two ships left for the zods in the port.

Its well underway and being textured at a decent pace.
However before anyone comes in pointing out that the tech description says its unmanned, the retail texture has a dead vasudan in it. And all that copula space makes me think that was a mistake on  :v-old: behalf that never got fixed. Just explaining my reason why.
And per matthegeeks request I'll be making a non-fsport civillian version (as a shuttle) out of the same model, just removing the docking area model and replacing it with more a simplified docking model.

Not really a request but more like "hey that would be cool if it's not too much trouble, I'm sure people out there would make good use of it" :)

As long as the Tech Description in the mediavps don't change, I'm fine with that decision.

Oh hey, over halfdone right now. most of the details around the engine are done and same with the arming dock underneath.
Still there is much machine gubbins left to do.

thumbs up, as usual!


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