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Release date?

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Slippster Starpilot:
Wow, so my question popped up 2 guys out of the wood work!~ Gotta love that!   :lol: :yes:

Slippster Starpilot:
AND THEN THE ROOM FELL SILENT.  :shaking: :confused: :banghead:

Silent, but not inactive. We recently moved to the most recent stable release of FSO however and have been working out some kinks as well as doing some more planning. We also switched from IRC to Discord recently, so you can come talk to us if you have any questions or just generally want to discuss what sort of plans we have. Almost everyone there is active daily and bits of work do get done occasionally.

You are not a stranger to modding Slippster.... you know mods are 99% perspiration 1% good ideas.
There are no new assets to show until we get some problems resolved.

Also keep in mind that we're a team of volunteers who do this sort of thing on their free time. If we don't have any free time or any motivation to do so (like somebody has had a bunch of family members die within a year) then it's not likely that we'll have much in the way of progress.

Thankfully things have calmed down a bit within the past month, so hopefully we'll get cranking out some neat stuff soonish. :)


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